Massage Tips For Newbies in Calgary

If you have never had a massage before, chances are you have no clue what to expect. What is allowed and what is not? How do you tell when your massage therapist is taking things too far? While you might have lots of expectations for your relaxation massage, you should know that no one really follows strict protocols in massage therapy. There just isn’t enough time for professional therapists to educate clients on all there is to know about massage therapy during their consultation.

Should I tip? Should I undress to the nude? Will my therapist cater to all my expressed needs in a single session?

Below are some massage tips for newbies in the industry who are not quite sure of what to expect or how to behave and carry themselves.


You should avoid having a full meal an hour prior to your massage therapy session. Digestion is an active process and it uses energy. You have booked an appointment to relax and not work. Digestion could make the whole process uncomfortable for you.

Be punctual

You should ensure you are on time for the appointment you made. If possible, try and be about 15 minutes early. If it is your first visit to that massage parlour, there will be some paperwork you will be required to fill out. Being early will allow you time to relax prior to your session. Lateness will reduce your session time, and you might still be charged for a full session.

Wellness preparation

Once you arrive, you should find a spot and have a mini meditation. Take slow and deep breaths and clear your mind. There are lots of relaxation techniques you could implement. Choose one that you feel works for you.

Jewellery and clothing

You should remove all excess jewellery. This includes bracelets and necklaces as they tend to be loose on the body.

You should take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. While there are some clients and registered massage therapists in Calgary who prefer nude as there is unrestricted access to the muscles, it is not a general rule. You can leave your underwear on. For ladies, you can leave the bra on, but bear in mind that it will greatly interfere with the strokes on your back. But then again, comfort is key.


Always take a shower before your session. Take the shower in the spa if possible. It is impolite to come for a massage session sweating and with excessive body odour. If you are in a bind, wet wipes will come in handy. If you have hormonal or glandular medical conditions, you should communicate this to your therapist.

Fragrances and perfumes

You should avoid applying perfumes before or after your session. This is out of respect to other clients who might have allergic reactions and sensitivities towards them.

Flu and Cold

If you have an active flu or cold, you should not go for your session. Registered massage therapists should and will refuse to serve you. While you might think a massage will help with your flu, chances are, it could do you more harm than good.

This list is in no way exhaustive. But it is a great place to start. Remember, your comfort comes first, unless it interferes with that of others or the efficiency of the session.


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