Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Out about Vaping in New Column

There’s no doubt about it–Whoopi Goldberg is a superstar. She’s one of the only people to have ever won a Tony, a Grammy, an Emmy, and an Oscar, and every day, people tune in to see her head up the discussion on the ABC show, “The View.” Now, Whoopi is using her celebrity to raise awareness about the benefits of vaping, with her very own column on The Cannabist, a website focused on marijuana.

Whoopi has never been secretive about using marijuana. She has stated that she has tried cannabis on “The View” and in many interviews. Even though her pro-marijuana stance is clear, many people were shocked when it was revealed that she would become a regular contributor to the website, when her column first debuted back in April.

For her very first post, Whoopi wrote what she called a love story about her vaporizer pen. The piece explains how using her vape pen, which she affectionately calls “Sippy,” has helped her to deal with the pain and other symptoms of glaucoma. Throughout the piece, she speaks openly about her experiences using the vapor pen and does so in a humorous, yet poignant way that perfectly captures the experiences that so many other people have from using medical marijuana in a vaporizer or wax pen.

There is no doubt that Whoopi’s very public statements regarding her vape pen couldn’t have come at a better time. In many parts of the country, debates are underway regarding both medical marijuana legalization and the full legalization of pot. Often, people who are against legalization, wrongly assume that people who use cannabis are unsuccessful, lazy, or do not contribute to society.

Having a superstar like Whoopi Goldberg talk about her personal experiences can make a big impact on public opinion. Advocates for legalization can only hope that more celebrities and other successful vaporizer enthusiasts will consider sharing their own experiences to further the cause.

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