Manage Your Baby’s Teething and Fever with These 5 Easy Steps

Does Your Child’s Fever Worry You?

Parents are often in distress when their child develops a fever. Kids can have a higher temperature because of various causes. The heat can be because of teething. The link between teething and fever continues to nag specialists. Studies show that teething can cause a temperature of up to 100.4°F. Warmth beyond this point implies illness. Only around a third of kids experience fever while teething.

Identifying a Fever

Your baby should have a temperature of around 98.6°F (37°C). Their warmth may fluctuate narrowly depending on the time of the day.

If your kid has higher temperatures when aged between 4 to 6 months, teething might cause the variation. Children show signs of teething around this period. Teething may only cause a rise in temperature of up to 100.4°F. If your baby has a 102°F body warmth and above, the variation may be because of other causes. Seek medical care.

Lowering Your Baby’s Temperature

You can manage fever for kids older than three months at home. Try this approach if the high temperature does not occur with other symptoms.

You can lower your baby’s temperature in the following ways.

  • Give your kid a lukewarm bath.
  • You may give the child a child’s dose of acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is advisable for kids older than three months. Ibuprofen is safe for children older than six months. Follow the recommended dosages. If the fever does not make your child uncomfortable, you may opt not to give them the medication.
  • Offer fluids. Replenishing your child’s fluids can help you manage the fever.
  • Dress the child in light and fewer clothes. Your kid’s dressing should help them enjoy the body’s natural cooling mechanism.
  • Lower your room temperature to prevent your child from overheating.

Actions You Must Take

Take the following actions if your kid is experiencing teething and fever.

  • Always take your kid’s temperature. Taking the child’s temperature using a multipurpose digital thermometer rectally will help you know whether the child meets the threshold to seek medical care.
  • Be attentive to other symptoms.
  • Give the child medication for kids. Follow the recommended dosage.
  • Consult a medical specialist before giving your child any medication.
  • Do not rub alcohol or use ice to lower your kid’s temperature.

Telling If Another Issue Is Causing the Fever

Teething may not be the only condition causing your kid to have a fever. Other illnesses may be responsible. Symptoms such as a stuffed nose, a rash, and vomiting may show your child is sick.

When to Visit the Pediatrician

Visit a Pediatrician if your child is younger than three months old and has a fever or past three months old and has a temperature exceeding 102°F. Seek treatment if the fever lasts over 24 hours and if the child has other signs of sickness besides the heat.

Teething and Fever Takeaway

Your child, aged 4 – 6 months, may experience a fever when teething. You can manage the warmth if it does not exceed 101°F. Seek medical attention if the child has other alarming signs or their temperature is 102°F and above.

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