How to Make a Good First Impression

When it comes to our appearance, we take a lot of stake in how we look, and that’s only natural, because how we look is important, whether anyone knows it or not. You see, your appearance as a sort of micro first impression of sorts. Think of it as the first impression to your first impression. Before a word has been uttered in your first conversation with someone, they already have some inkling of who they’re talking to based on subtle clues from how you look. Therefore, to lead a fulfilling social life, we have to look our best. Here are some tips to start every relationship off on the right foot.

First and foremost, let’s talk fashion. Fashion is an important part of the equation, because it says a lot about standards. While your appearance is largely based on genetics and working with what you have, your choice of apparel is 100% your choice, so make it a good one. Don’t fall for the trap that is bargain bin graphic tees from Wal Mart. Instead, go the classier route. Try a nice dress shirt and slacks combo with some Allen Edmonds shoes, for example, to say to people that you you’re someone who doesn’t settle for the bottom of the barrel, that you do have standards. However, it’s a fine line between respecting yourself and disrespecting others. Confidence can quickly become common snobbery, so be careful.

Next, let’s talk about hygiene and grooming. First and foremost, you’re going to need to take care of your skin and hair. For a woman, this isn’t news. However, men are taught not to care about appearances, and so they let these things go. You’ll need to make sure to exfoliate when you wash your face, for starters, and do so with hot water. This will open up your pores and cleanse them of all the crud that’s been seeking refuge in there. With your hair, your main problem is washing it, actually. We tend to wash out hair every time we shower, and we tend to shower every day. This is too much shampoo, as shampoo tends to be damaging to our hair. Instead, wash your hair only once a week, once oils have built up to protect it, and give it a rinse every other day. Conditioner is okay daily, however, so go nuts.

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