List of Chemicals in Products that Cause Hair Damage  

Caring for your body and appearance is something that everybody does. Eye or skin clinics, beauty shops, and salons exist to provide you with the products and services that you need for keeping your body fit, and your appearance at its best.

However, there are certain cases where customers, paying for and trusting the skills of a professional, become victims of equipment failure, medical mistakes, and other accidents in clinics and similar institutions. Even salons, which deal with hair products and treatments, can be destructive to your health and safety as a customer.

Hair damaging chemicals

Specific hair products contain harmful chemicals that, if you are exposed to them in excess, even if it just one time in your salon appointment, can create irreversible effects that will not only damage your hair but also ruin the look of your crowning glory. These include:

  • This chemical is mixed with other chemicals to form embalming solutions. Besides this, formaldehyde is also a component in pressurised wood items like plywood, adhesives, and specific insulating materials. Ideally, you do not want this kind of strong product in your hair. Unfortunately, some keratin treatments contain amounts of formaldehyde, which are carcinogenic.
  • Bleach is a potent chemical that is used in hair dyeing in salons to achieve a lighter and more vibrant hair colour. Because of its potency, bleaching should be done cautiously by a professional who understands the risks. Excess hair bleaching results in brittleness, hair inelasticity, and scalp damage in worse cases.
  • These are common in conditioners and other hair products that claim to make hair shinier and moisturised. The problem with this is what using larger amounts can trigger allergic reactions which may be harmful to your scalp and face, if not just to your hair.
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is one of the key ingredients of shampoo. It functions as a cleansing agent that removes dirt and oil from the scalp and hair strands. The same chemical also makes up paint remover, the only difference being that in the household product, SLSs come in higher amounts.
  • Artificial fragrance. Most, if not all, hair products are mixed with artificial scents because the primary chemicals used to make them are not aromatic. Fragrances are composed of chemicals that vary, and unless the product passes safety standards, there is no way of guaranteeing that it will not cause you harm.
  • Hair products contain preservatives so they can last longer on the shelf. Imidazolidinyl urea is one of these products, which releases formaldehyde, which, as mentioned earlier, is harmful in unregulated amounts.

Safety first

Salons who cause hair and other physical damage to their customers are liable under law. Websites like list resources and guides that will help if you are a victim.

Before setting up an appointment in a salon, therefore, you need to assure that their beauticians and their assistants, their salon equipment, and the products that they use are competent and compliant to business operating standards, especially if you have no previous experience with that salon. Even if you have, a little scepticism pays off.

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