Sources of indoor air contamination and types of air purifier

So what will be more horrible than this that you are not saving from air pollution even in your own home? So what would be the safer place than that but you can make it safe with air purifiers. Air purifiers are used to purify the indoor air form different particles ecoquest purifiers serve the best services.

Sources of indoor air contamination:

Everything around us is made of molecules when these molecules leave those materials they cause degassing. The term degassing means that molecules are released in the air from the material. The more degassing occurred in your home from different materials it became more dangerous for your body and health.

These molecules penetrate your body and cause harm to it. Degassing occurred from all manmade products and it is more in soft for products then solid materials. The least amount of degassing occurred from ceramic tiles.

These chemicals are not only cause coughing, sneezing, and eye irritation but they are the main source of many dangerous diseases as well which include damage to membranes, pain in muscles, and allergies.

Air purifier:

So what you can do about it let it as it is so your family members become victims of air pollution and get different diseases because of it. Or you want to find out a proper solution for it. You want a proper solution.

Advancement in technology helps human beings to get rid of many problems. The same helps it provide humans in this case as well. Different companies in the market are producing air purifiers. These air purifiers work in a controlled environment and provide great results in the purification of air.

In starting these purifiers are available in very basic structure and performed very basic functions. The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on its filters. Because they are the main sources that will help the purifier t clean the air form different toxic particles.

At the start, there are very limited ranges of filters due to which we can extract a special kind of particles from the air with that filter. But as time passes we see advancement in this technology and now we have several filters which are used to extract every kind of pollution particles from the air.

Now, these air purifiers are not only available with multiple filter options but along with that, they have different types of air purifiers whose filters are made up of different materials which will help them to enhance their performance.

Type of Air purifiers:

A typical air purifier is consisting of a fan and different kind of filters these filters help it to enhance its performance and provide good results. In some purifiers, you can use the combination of these filters. Some air purifiers came up with specific filters for a specific location.

  • Pre-filter (mechanical filter)
  • Electrostatic (ionizing) filters
  • Water filters
  • Carbon (adsorption) filters
  • HEPA filters (fine mechanical filters)
  • Photocatalytic filters.

So make your choice wisely.

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