Learn the Benefits of Self Pleasure for Women

Even today the topic of self-pleasure is a little stigmatized. There are several historical reasons for this you are most likely familiar with. Studies have shown that the majority of women over 18 have masturbated at least once. But a lot of them don’t do it regularly like our male counterparts. Self-pleasure is normal, extremely enjoyable and one of the healthiest experiences you can do by yourself. Not only can you do it by yourself whenever you feel like it, you can also find plenty of cool sex gadgets on the market that can help you climax. These are some of the greatest benefits self-pleasure can offer you.

Basic Advantages of Owning a Dildo

Dildo toys have been in use for a long time now. They are one of the most simple and fantastic ways you can pleasure yourself. They are, of course, made to look and feel like a genuine penis. That’s why they are usually made from plastic, jam, silicone or latex. They can also be made from materials like glass or cowhide.

If you are just starting to explore the world of sex toys a regular latex dildo will be just as good as any other. One of the greatest benefits of owning a dildo is the enhancement of your overall mood. They can help you change your mood in an instant leaving you satisfied and relieved. Dildos can help you experience something new and can give you a perfect erotic fulfillment. When you are sexually satisfied nothing can stand in your way. You will feel like an absolute queen.

They are also great for your genitals. When you regularly use dildos they can strengthen your Kegel muscular tissues and help you increase better sexual performance and lead you to an easier climax.  Because they strengthen the Kegel muscular tissue everything will become much tighter. Resulting in your performance during sex becoming more sensual with stronger and better orgasms.

Release of Emotional Stress

Regular masturbation, amongst other positive activities, is one of the best ways to relieve you of feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction. Often times we become really agitated and generally unhappy thinking there is some great problem in our life. When in fact the only thing we need is a little sexy alone time.

Masturbation is one of the best ways to decrease feelings of depression. When you get aroused the hormones responsible for your mood are released. Leaving you with a boost of dopamine and epinephrine in your body. Hormones play a big part in our mood, and when they are properly released your view of life and overall dissatisfaction will go away. The release of these hormones create a natural “high”, that’s why sex, in general, is so great for us.

When you have trouble sleeping, people tend to get easily overwhelmed and stressed. But masturbation can also help you to sleep better. That is because when you reach the climax you become physically and emotionally relieved of tension in the body. This results in a feeling of relaxation making it easier to fall asleep quicker. Some women like to read books before bed, some masturbate the result is the same. You feel relaxed and calm doing either activity.

You Will Have a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Your body is your temple, and you should take care of it, listen to it. Your body is your best friend, it’s the only thing that will be with you your entire life. So by exploring it thoroughly and deeply, you will fall in love with yourself and all of the amazing things your body can do for you.

Many women don’t actually know what they like in sex. They felt something that can be described as good, even great, but you want something that is amazing. The simplest way you can do this is by pleasuring yourself. If you know how to do you can easily show your partner what you like and what are your erogenous zones. You can’t expect them to be some kind of magician and know exactly what you need.

Dildos can become really helpful when exploring your body. You can experiment with different types, shapes and sizes of dildos and different types of penetration. You may find some erogenous zones you didn’t even knew you had. You can discover a whole new world of erotic pleasure and know what to ask from your partner. By exploring your body you will become comfortable in it and realize that you are a sexual being like any other person.


Clearing up your schedule for a little “me” time is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. You will become radiant with sexual energy. You will become elevated, happy and comfortable in your own body. When you truly come to understand your body and its needs, your confidence will skyrocket and you will know exactly what you want out of sex. So, the next time you’re laying in your bed, get comfortable and indulge in a little sexy time with yourself. Your body will thank you.

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