How To Survive Your Baby’s First Day At Daycare

You’ve already done the necessary research into finding the best day care company in Austin TX for your baby. But now you’re facing that very first day and dealing with a range of emotions. So is your child, and while the start of day care should be a fun and exciting time in your child’s life, it can also lead to plenty of stress, reluctance, even panic and fear. 

Your baby’s first day in daycare doesn’t need to be difficult for either one of you, not if you plan ahead and take steps to better prepare you and your baby for this next phase in his or her growth and development. 

Here are some essential tips to help you both survive your baby’s first day at daycare: 

Acclimate Your Child

If there’s one thing any child loves, it’s the unknown. That’s meant to be read with sarcasm as we all know that babies and young kids typically freak out when they are surrounded by foreign surroundings and unfamiliar faces. That’s just what your baby is going to see when he or she arrives for the first day of daycare and the result will likely be a full scale meltdown. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you visit the day care facility with your child in the days or even weeks leading up to that big first day. It’s a smart solution that can help the child acclimate to the teachers and staff who are all strangers as of now. 

Explain What’s to Come

Another way to assuage the fears that come with the unknown and unfamiliar is to simply discuss what this new routine will bring to your child. It’s perfectly common for the child to have concerns and reservations, so talking about them and explaining that not only is everything going to be okay, but this is something that should be seen as a positive and exciting new phase in their life. 

It’s good to have this conversation more than once. Talk it over with your child as the big first day approaches and you might even want to combine these talks with your preliminary visits to the day care facility. 

A Favorite Item

Just about every child has that particular thing which makes them feel safe and comfortable. It might be a stuffed animal, a blanket, even more unusual items that you may not associate with soothing or relaxation, yet they are the very thing your child fixates on the most. Let the child bring that favorite thing with them to the day care. 

Since that item symbolizes familiarity and companionship, it makes sense to allow the child to have that thing accompany them into an environment where they aren’t quite sure they feel safe yet. 

Put Your Child’s Name in Everything

Once your baby is in day care, it’s up to the day care professionals to keep an eye on all of your child’s belongings and other essential items. Problem is, they have multiple children to monitor and things can get lost pretty easy. So label everything you leave with the day care providers to keep from losing anything important.

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