5 Different Occasions Call for Different Flowers

Like there is right tool for every job, for every occasion, there is to it, its perfect flower. A flower’s colour always comes associated with a specific meaning, a sentiment or value. Like for instance, there are so many different kinds, different colours of rose flowers or orchids, it’s easy for anyone to get confused. Know these different flowers ideal for different occasions and avail flower delivery in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Delhi and other regions from online gift shops.

5 Different Occasion’s Call for Different Flowers

As mentioned above, flowers all have different meanings and emotional aspect associated with it. Find here the different occasions that call for different types of flowers-

Romantic Dates

Flowers for a first date should not be overwhelming. Tulips, orchids, and dandelions are not intimidating to your new object of affection. If you’ve been going steady for some time, nothing is better than traditional red roses.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Shades of red for love, pink for elegance and yellow flowers in general for affection and joy are the perfect mix for a vibrant Valentine’s Day bouquet. Avoid yellow roses alone, however, as that represents friendship, not love. A yellow rose with a red tip, however, can symbolize both love and joy. For a newer relationship, purple roses signify enchantment in the budding couple.

  1. Anniversary

Seasonal flowers go best with anniversaries, to represent the time of the year that’s being celebrated. Summer flowers should be bright and vibrant- think yellow, gold or pink roses, or a bouquet of sunflowers. Fall flowers are darker, but with rich colours, such as a lily. Flowers blooming in winter include chrysanthemums, orchids, and pansies.

  1. Mother’s Day

Reds and pinks to show love and admiration are the perfect touch, though it is hard to go wrong here. Carnations, roses (especially pink), and daisies can be combined with yellow tulips or lilies- representing joy and affection- and make a vibrant bouquet any mother in your life will enjoy.

Apart from special occasions there are situations that can do with a bouquet of fresh blooms:

  1. Say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’

Need a sophisticated way to say thank you to a colleague or good friend? Your best bet is give them a bouquet of their favourite flowers, but if you are uncertain, goes with a pale flower. Whites, pinks, and yellows show your appreciation. Carnations, lilies and daisies fit well into this category.

  1. Get Well Soon

The first question regarding sending flowers to someone who is ill is where they are resting. If they are in the hospital, flowers should not be overly fragrant. Violets and tulips can be vibrant and add a touch of colour to dreary hospital rooms. If they are at home, marigolds represent resilience while yellow flowers, such as daffodils representing rebirth, are bright and cheery.

Whatever the occasion, flowers are always a nice touch, and there’s always ways to make your gift extra special. Find online flower delivery of these flowers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other major Indian cities.




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