The different types of hairdressing scissors

There are over 500 different pairs of scissors for professional dressing in stock. This way it is made possible for you to find the perfect scissors that will suit you. Scissors are very fancy cool and fun to work. Look at these considerations that you need to check on when choosing good hairdressing scissors that will raise your reputation as a professional barber:

Picking hairdressing scissors

When you hold a scissor, it should be in a way that it is very comfortable to you. It has to prevent you from developing carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI as well as minimising hand fatigue. Should you be a newbie to barbering, then you shouldn’t waste money on purchasing a scissor.

The scissors that will suit you

While some of the stylists have preferences for little scissors, others, the long. If you want to find the size that is ideal for you, place the pair of scissors on your palms. The finger hole has to touch the thumb’s base as the blade’s tip is at the end section of the middle finger. Does it, then it is ideal for you.

Blade types that are best suited for barbering

Scissor blades are mainly of two types: convex or bevelled edge. The one that you choose is all dependent on your personal preference, the career as well as your affordability.

The bevelled edge is from metal mixtures that make them lightweight. Blades that are micro-serrated are the best for learners because they don’t allow hair sliding. It’s also for excellent for detail cutting as well as dry hair cutting. However, they are not essential when it comes to slicing cutting because the hair might jam on the blade. The bevelled edge that is polished are the ones that come handy for slicing.

Convex Blades

They are also called “Japanese Style.” When it comes to the sharpest blades, then there is none that can beat curved edges. They are hollow ground in the inside that gives a smooth action of cutting. These hairdressing scissors are perfect for slicing.

These blades are stainless steel made that means that the edges become a little bit heavier in comparison to bevel-edged blades. The process of samurai swords and curved bladed scissors are in the same way. It makes curved blades scissors to be more expensive than bevel-edge blades. Specialists are also required to sharpen it. Regular servicing and proper care, curved bladed scissors is long lasting.

Scissor handles

Having various handle designs is very advantageous, but the thing here is which of the designs make you comfortable. It will vary from one stylist to another depending on your hand’s shape and cutting style. Below are the main handle design types:

  • Even or level handle—the handles, as well as the design, is symmetrical looking very straight. Good examples are like Tondeo Slicy Classic and the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo.
  • Offset handle—a handle is taller than the other. It permits hand positioning to be more open. The elbow as well as the arm to be in a lower position making it more comfortable when cutting. Good instances are such as the TRI Colorline Offset and the Jay Scissors.

There are scissors of various kinds, designs, blades, handles that you can choose. It is all up to you to have that is very comfortable to you.

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