What You Should Opt for All-on-4 or Tooth Xpress dental Implants

With all-on-4 and teethXpress Dental implant techniques, you can easily get a new natural looking smile. Now, you don’t need to be ashamed while talking with your friends. With these techniques, you can get rid of all your problems. When you have seen these methods, you might think they both are almost similar, so what is the main difference between these two. So, here we will see what are they, how they differ and of course, we will see which one you should go with.


Basically, All-on-4 means all the teeth are being supported on four dental implants. This is the reason the treatment is called All-on-4. Here, the full arch is implanted for you to smile naturally. You can either replace the full top arch or bottom arch or even both.


TeethXpress has titanium devices which are used to support the dental crowns. You can replace the full arch with these implant. There are approximately four to six implants done into the jawbone to make the teeth natural looking.

The difference between All-on-4 and TeethXpress

By the definition and the meaning, you might wonder what the difference between these two methods is. The key difference is that the All-on-4 method, the arch of teeth are placed only on four implants. While talking about the TeethXpress method, there might be a number of implants needed.

Both of these techniques only take one day. Hence, these methods are commonly called “teeth in a day.” The treatment can be completed by just one visit to the best periodontist. You can go with whatever your teeth look like and come back with the beautiful teeth. The results are almost similar in both of them. Just in one day, you can come home with a beautiful brand new teeth. Both of these treatments are permanent and are not temporary. So, in either one of them, you will have a permanent new natural smile.

What you should go with?

Well, it is not on you. When you go for a checkup, the periodontist will suggest you the best one.

However, All-on-4 is for the patients who have a less or limited bone density

While TeethXpress is for the patient with

  • Great bone density
  • Jawbone is strong
  • People who have a full denture but it does not fit well

Both of them are almost similar with amazing results. Therefore, you don’t need to worry either of them. Whether your bone density is Good enough or not. You can easily get a new set of teeth with just a single visit.

Any of these are far better when you compare it with the Traditional Dental Appliances. That removable dental appliances cause you pain, infection, speech problems, and many more. Therefore, for this reason, you should not opt for traditional dental appliances and removable dental appliances. Instead, the modern methods for dental care such as TeethXpress and All-on-4 techniques are more convenient and give you a permanent natural looking smile.

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