Effective Ways To Tackle Tooth Pain At Home

When you have a toothache, all you care about is numbing the pain. The best solution is to go see your dentist richmond va immediately to have the problem diagnosed and treated. But this isn’t always a possibility and when you are unable to get to a dentist’s office in a timely manner, you need to take alternative steps to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you might be experiencing. That means knowing how best to handle the problem at home and, fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to tackle tooth pain at least until you are able to have a dental professional take a look at your mouth. While there are a variety of reasons why you might be feeling moderate to severe mouth pain, it can typically be very helpful to understand where the pain is coming from so you are able to best deal with it. There are two main components that are part of a toothache, each one must be acknowledged in order to reduce the discomfort. They are swelling and pain signals being sent to the brain. Any effective way to tackle tooth pain must deal with both of these things at the same time.

Tooth Pain Solutions

Here are just some of the best methods for dealing with the symptoms of a toothache. Depending on the diagnosis and the intensity of the pain, you may need to rely on one or more to dull it until such time as you can be seen by your dentist:


Ice cubes, an ice pack, even a frozen bag of vegetables can be very effective at bringing down the swelling that comes with most tooth pain issues. Just apply some type of cold compress to the side of your face where you are experiencing the discomfort and let it remain there until you notice any swelling has become reduced.

Anti-inflammatory Medications

Taking a medication such as ibuprofen can be very helpful in not just reducing the swelling but blocking the pain receptors that cause you to feel the discomfort emanating from the affected area of the mouth. There are similar painkillers on the market such as acetaminophen but these don’t contain an anti-inflammatory, so you will need to apply ice to the area to handle the swelling.

Salt Water

Though it may sound somewhat ineffective for dealing with the problem, rinsing out your mouth with salt water can actually be quite useful for reducing pain and discomfort. This method is good for getting rid of pain due to an infection of the gum or tooth.

Peppermint Tea Bags

Another rather unorthodox approach to the problem but nonetheless effective, even if it’s for temporary relief. You can use the teabags to numb the affected area because peppermint contains certain properties that are good for dulling the discomfort associated with toothaches and other types of mouth pain. You may even want to freeze the tea bags before using them to bring an additional component of cold for dealing with the swelling issues.

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